About Us

We are Committed to Create a Digital Transportation Platform to Provide Seamless Connectivity From Rural India to Urban India.

About Us

Empowering People Through Technology

We are building the Platform to Ease the Intercity City Commute System for 1.2 bn+ People in India, We are Focused on Providing Seamless Connectivity, Across All Rural, Semi Urban & Urban Part of India. 

We are Enabling Technology in Public Road Transportation to Provide Convenient, Comfortable & Safe Transit System in Price Effective Manner  

Why Choose Us

Providing Next-Gen Travel Experience

Free Wi-Fi

Ultra-fast 4G network throughout your journey

Economical Price

Faster than a Bus, Cheaper than a Cab

On Call Booking

Book your travel directly by calling us.

24*7 Chat Support

We are consistently here to tackle all of your issues.

How We Work

What makes us different

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Affordable Price

First Ever Dynamic Pricing in this Transit System, Pay per K.M Only

Location Based Technology

Our Location Based Technology, Shows you the Real-Time Location of our Vehicles while you are Booking it

24/7 Support

Our Dedicate Support Team is Always Ready to Help you On Call & in App Chat Support


Our Experts

Harsh Vardhan Sharma



Web Developer

Vikash Kumar Patel

Flutter Developer

Anant Kumar Mishra

Flutter Developer